We build great learning experiences.

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From micro learning to curriculum design, from performance support to performance management, we are the partner clients trust to deliver solutions that drive top results - on time and on budget. We build learning that does exactly what you need it to do, while making you look great.

What we do.

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Virtual Learning

Short and sweet, deep and immersive, or social and collaborative. We create the kind of elearning that people like – whether it’s on a mobile device or desktop. We drive employee performance by giving people the resources they need when they need it.  And, we present it in a way that makes them say not only “I get it” but “I can do it.”

Workplace Learning

Most learning happens on-the-job. We make sure that learning is effective by designing the structure and tools that your people need to learn what they need, when they need it.

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Facilitated Learning

No one likes boring training, so we design engaging learning experiences where learners explore, practice and share what they know as they prepare to perform in the workplace.

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Program Architecture

Comprehensive curriculum that engages learners, builds competence and inspires confidence. From inception to implementation, we build programs that meet your business requirements and performance goals.   

Performance Consulting

Have a unique challenge? We can help with that too. We can identify and analyze all kinds of performance challenges and recommend a path to solving them.

Did we mention we have lots of diverse experience?


Deliver on your strategy through leadership at all levels.

Performance Management

Focus on frequent meaningful conversations that improve employee effectiveness instead of just filling out forms.

Change Management

Help your people by effectively communicating the benefits of change while supporting them through the process.

Customer Experience

Create a superior customer experience that is consistent and intentional so they keep coming back.

Sales Excellence

Build trust, deepen conversations and gain customer commitment.


Help coaches ask the right questions to guide conversations so people can discover and implement their own solutions.


Show your news hires just how happy you are they are there and get them competent quickly.


Develop a strategy that optimizes operations and minimizes time to proficiency.


Be transparent and reduce organizational risk by demonstrating the benefits of meeting compliance standards.

And we preach what we practice too.

Instructional Design Workshop

Our instructional design workshop is highly interactive and designed both for novices in instructional design and for participants with many years of experience. Participants work in a series of small groups over the three days as they apply the instructional design process first in two different case studies and then in a real-world project. There are many opportunities for learning from other participants and the facilitator(s).

The instructional design workshop is available as a two or three-day course.

Elearning Design Workshop

Articulate Storyline 2 has been called a game changer for elearning. In this workshop you’ll see why; learning all the basic skills required to build elearning courses in Storyline 2.

Of course, good elearning takes more than knowing how to use the right tool – it takes good design to create a design concept that engages learners and accomplishes learning objectives.
The rapid elearning workshop is available as a one, two or three-day workshop.

Customer Experience Roundtable

On a semi-annual basis, Benchmark facilitates a meeting that includes a small group of individuals who have primary responsibility in their organizations for the customer experience. These people come together to exchange thoughts,
developments, lessons learned, and best practices in customer experience.
Please let us know if you are interested in joining our roundtable.

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